When you learn to influnence up, down, and across the organization, you learn to be a leader.

How you influence others will make or break your leadership.

Real leadership is about your influence –  not just your title. No matter what your “official” role, you can influence an entire organization by learning specific skills for leading up, down, and across the organization chart.

And if you’ve just been promoted into a new role, you’ve got to relearn how to effectively influence in your new position.

Our three step process will help you create measurable leadership improvements and expand your influence in six months or less.



Start your leadership development by clarifying your leadership strengths, weaknesses, and liabilities.



Through coaching, grow your leadership strengths, correct your liabilities, and make peace with your weaknesses.



Conclude the process with additional feedback on where you are as a leader and where you need to grow next.

You Can Improve:



Time Management




Goal Clarity and Achievement



Meet Dr. Stan Ward

Leadership coaching is like riding a two-person bicycle. You decide where you want to go. I add the speed, power, and perspective to make sure you get where you need to go.

Besides the downloads on this page, here are resources I use to add speed, power, and perspecitve for your leadership development and goal achievement:

  • Certified processes in change management and 360 feedback.
  • Tools for assessing conflict management, emotional intelligence, leadership strengths, leadership style, personality type.
  • Hundereds of hours experience as a leadership coach.
  • A PhD in leadership studies.

You Can Reduce:

Unnecessary Confict

Wasted Meetings

Workplace Stress

Disengaged Staff


“I enthusiastically recommend the services of Dr. Stan Ward. We have used Dr. Ward to transform our executives into impact leaders who in-turn build top-performing teams who reach beyond their comfort zones to consistently deliver extraordinary results.”

James was named the 2013 Outstanding Technology CEO – EADS North America Test and Services Orange County Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards (October, 2013)

His company, Astronics, was also named 2014 Top Work Places in Orange County by the Orange County Register (December 4, 2014)

James Mulato

CEO, Astronics Test Systems, Irvine, CA, Astronics

Working with Dr. Ward has truly been rewarding. My most recent leadership growth has been with conflict management skills as well as practicing a healthy work/life balance.

Jeremy Jones

General Sales Manager, Peltier Subaru

Stan’s insight and practical steps helped me see my career in a whole new light. By applying his methods I received a promotion after just one session!

Josh Berger

Executive Director, Alethia Counseling Center



You can persuade, guide, inspire, direct, impact, and transform.


(And these resources will help.)

Discover. Grow. Assess. Expand your influence.


Influence Coaching exists to help leaders discover, grow, and assess their influence by maximizing their strengths, correcting their liabilities, and making peace with their weaknesses. This process works for both teams and individuals. Follow Dr. Ward on social media or contact him.

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